Inspiring Background (no U.S. copyright royalty free background music for videos)

Free music download and license:

Title: Inspiring Background

You may use this music for free for any kind of project, regardless whether it’s commercial/monetized or not. The only thing I require is a link to my Website as described below. This music is royalty free and without US copyright (no US copyright).

Attribution: Link to my website is strictly required!
A correct credit is e. g.:
Music by Raphael Music:
(copy and paste…)

Videos incl. monetization: allowed
Commercial use: allowed
U.S. copyright: no copyright
Resampling/Building new music upon this track: not allowed
Use without attribution: License fee required (
Free audio download:

This royalty free background music is perfect for movie trailers, video game trailers, inspiring documentaries, travel videos, nature videos, sports videos, intros, openers, promos, presentations, and commercials.