20 Things to Consider When You Arrive to Live in Thailand

20 Things to Consider When You Arrive to Live in Thailand 20 Things You need to Consider When You Arrive to Live in Thailand

In this video, we look at practical tips for when you very first arrive in Thailand

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Okay, let’s look at the 20 things

1. Sim card for your phone in Thailand. It is very easy to get your phone unlocked and you will save a fortune using a local sim card and just assp like LINE, WeChat, Messenger and Skype for calls back home.

2. LINE App- everyone in Thailand is on LINE

3. WeChat App [Great for calls]

4. Thai2English.com and Google Translate

5. Where to live? Don’t rush it! Stay in a cheap hotel for a few weeks and look around.

6. How long for? Take your time – you don’t need to burn all your bridges.

7. Jet lag when you arrive in Thailand – take a few days to adjust – get lots of sleep and don’t force yourself to adjust overnight. It is seriously bad for your health to do that.

TIP: Dring LOTS of water on the flight here.

8. Your diet in Thailand – why not change it and lose those extra pounds/kilos?

9. Hot weather in Thailand. It can kick the stuffing out of you. Use air-conditioning and consider arriving in the rainy season.

10. Household supplies in Thailand – very easy to get. You can definitely rent a fully-furnished place.

11. Internet. I use SiNet. ZERO lock-in contracts.

12. Consider getting a dongle as in my experience 99% of the free wi-fi in most cafes and hangouts absolutely sucks.

13. Opening a bank account is easy. I am with Bangkok Bank they are Thailand wide and I have nothing but great things to say about them. Exceptional customer service!

14. Medical Treatment in Thailand. Make sure you either have insurance, or, like me, money set aside in case you need a serious operation. Don’t come here uninsured and just hope-and-pray nothing happens to you!

15. Food Shopping in Thailand. If you are in a big city – you will be able to buy western food. You will pay more but it will still be way cheaper than you are used to paying in the Western World.

16. Shopping in Thailand- You should check out Lazada.th I will do a whole video about that this week.

17. Tipping in Thailand. Many restaurants already have a 10 or 15% service fee built in. Check your receipt BEFORE tipping!

18. Transport is cheap. Unless you have a death-wish DON’T just hop on a motorbike with zero experience or you WILL end up seriously hurting yourself.

Americans beware – we drive on the opposite side of the road.

Everyone beware – Thai people pay virtually zero attention to what we would consider normal safe driving standards.

19. get yourself a Kindle! It will be a godsend! https://amzn.to/2IOpD1O

20. If after you have been here for 3 – 6 – 12 months and you feel like you have made a mistake and that moving to live in Thailand is not right for you – no problem!

At least you tried, right?

There is always Vietnam, the Philippines, China, Malaysia, Mexico, Spain or South America.

Don’t feel you have to stay in any place where you aren’t truly happy!

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