$10,000 + FREE TRIP TO KOREA! get paid to travel yas!

Looking for a place to travel this year?
Here’s a great contest for you to win $10,000 for 9N10D in Gyeonggido, Korea!

▶ How can I join the contest?

Step 1) Submit your 2-3 minutes self PR video showing
— Your passion for travel adventure
— Your interest in Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Step 2) Upload the video on your social media channel with the following hashtag


That you are the fittest travel freak to promote Gyeonggi-do’s hot travel spots.
That you have a lot of travel experiences throughout your life!
Your passion & energy!

▶ Contest Schedule

1st ApplIcation period: 2018/07/18~ 08/26
Finalist Announcement 08/29

Show us why you should become the Ultimate Ambassador of Gyeonggi-do Korea!
Step up & showcase your VLOG! Get creative and get recording!!

▶Participate now:


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